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In December of 1970, the original Jim’s Pizzeria was opened at 26 Front St. in Trenton. The little take-out with a few tables offered lasagna, pizza and spaghetti. Thus, the menu was limited and the idea was simple: prepare everything from start to finish and use only the freshest ingredients. From the pizza dough to the sauces, everything was prepared on the premises. The “homemade” approach, and a genuine desire to please, was believed to be the reason for the instant popularity of Jim’s Pizzeria.


In 1978, a tragic fire began at one end of Front St. and spread, destroying the entire block including the original Jim’s Pizzeria. The new Jim’s Pizzeria & Dining Lounge opened across the road in July of that year. Along with the extended name came a brand new dining area separate from the take-out with room to accommodate more customers. To complement the increased seating capacity and atmosphere, an expanded menu, which offered chicken and veal dishes and the now famous Caesar salad, were introduced.

Tomasso’s offers the comfort of casual dining with a menu of selections that is sure to satisfy you, your family and friends. 


The Homemade approach was definitely a success.

The menu continued to expand and business continued to grow. The homemade approach was definitely a success. The only thing missing was a servicescape to complement the cuisine. A vision of utilizing the Trent River as a backdrop had long been a regret with respect to the construction of the restaurant in 1978. Confident that this idea would be popular the wheels were put in motion for a new, more enhancing dining area to be created. With the construction of such a restaurant, the title of Pizzeria would no longer apply. Thus, Tomasso’s was founded in 1999. The Jim’s Pizzeria name, however, would be kept to service the delivery and take-out divisions of the restaurant.


Tomasso’s Italian Grille, the newest incarnation of Jim’s Pizzeria, has enjoyed inconceivable success. The founding owners have overseen tremendous growth all along the way, including the newest addition completed in the winter of 2014. They were proud to see that their vision of high quality food at a reasonable price, with an attractive atmosphere and exceptional service would become one of the Quinte area’s most popular eating establishments.

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